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How to maintain and store your rugs:
1. Vacuum daily Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush, because it is abrasive.
2. Use an underlay to prevent the carpet from absorbing the floor's humidity.

Aerate the carpet in the sun at least once a month, with the rug’s underside facing the sun for a few hours; and, then, with rug face-up for about 1hour. This will kill insects, remove humidity and give new life to the natural yarn.

Send the carpet to a professional cleaner to clean it with water and soap at least once every 10 years or when you feel the carpet is dirty and needs a deep cleaning.

In case of spill, take action immediately:
Absorb as much of the spill as possible using a clean towel.
Try to remove the stain with a mixture of room temperature water and liquid soap, applied by a soft brush.
Blot the area until all of the moisture is removed. If the stain remains, repeat this procedure until it is gone.
Finally, let the wet area air-dry by allowing air to flow on both sides of the treated area.



Storing rugs for long periods of time can be done successfully provided important guidelines are followed.


Clean the carpet well in preparation for storage. If storage is planned for more than a year,
it is better to have it washed by a professional cleaner prior to storing it.
2. Put the carpet in the sun to remove all the humidity and to kill all the insects.

Roll the carpet. Moth balls, dried tobacco, or any product with a nice smell may be placed inside the rolled carpet to repel most insects.

Put the carpet in a place where any living human or animal can live. Do not store the rug in hot and / or humid areas like attics and basements.
5. Open the carpet once a year and put it in the sun to aerate.